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What is Spoon-ism?

From racing, Spoon captures the true essence of driving. The track and the road are where we
envision our thoughts and make them reality. For over 40 years, we’ve been designing the true
joy of driving from our unique perspective. Beyond speed, there is more to be enjoyed.
Something that elevates the emotion. We want to capture that image and make it real. That is
what Spoon-ism is all about. Spoon-ism is in the hearts of all of our staff.

  • The brand that brings our progressive
    ideas and emotions to reality! Driven by
    our passion, we offer the brand to Honda
    fans all over the world.

  • One stop service by our Honda sports car
    experts. We are devoted to maximize the
    performance of our customer cars. The
    highest degree of service, factory-tuned
    is our motto.

  • PCT patented product based on research
    of each vehicle’s basic chassis dynamics.
    This product was developed based on
    Spoon’s innovative idea to fasten the body
    and sub-frame.